Everybody’s business

Ready to shred
No more sending out your sensitive documents to be shredded; the new business NorCal Shred will come to you.

“It seems new up here [in Chico],” said co-owner Charles Brooks, but actually, “the mobile shred truck has been around for 12 to 15 years.”

The company offers a variety of services, from the “one-time purge” to ongoing collections.

Once the documents go into the truck, they’re shredded on-site untouched by human hands. “People love to come out and stand there and actually watch [via closed-circuit television] the documents being shredded.”

Brooks, 25, is a Chico State grad as is co-owner Justin Adrian, 27.

Brooks, who was the victim of identity theft two years ago, researched the shred business while recuperating from a job-related injury. The venture was funded by rounding up all personal funds they could along with borrowing from family members.

So far, it’s paying off.

“In our first month we already have close to 20 regular customers,” Brooks said.

NorCal Shred offers free demonstrations and can be reached at 899-9964 or go to www.norcalshred.com.

Lassie come home
Butte County Animal Control has just signed on to www.petharbor.com, the national Web site that hopes to, if not connect lost pets with their owners, find new homes for them. It’s been inundated since the hurricanes.

A search of the Butte County postings finds pictures and descriptions of 14 stray or found dogs, plus a couple of adoptable dogs (including the fellow pictured here) and a cat. All were picked up by Animal Control.

In 2006, the county hopes to expand to include animal photo identification with licensing and lost-and-found posting abilities for citizens.

It’s possible
There’s a new shop on Third and Broadway that moved in where 5th Street Clothing used to be: Possibilities. It carries décor for the home and garden, and there’s some cute, classy stuff in there.

Call for sources
I’m working on an article about health insurance costs and I want to include interviews with local residents in various situations: underinsured, uninsured, great insurance, high copays and/or premiums, subsidized plans such as MediCal and Healthy Families, and so on.

If you’re willing to be quoted by name and share where you’re employed, how much you pay and details about your plan, please drop me a line at 894-2300 ex. 2248 or e-mail devaniea@newsreview.com by Jan. 11.

Your perspective would be greatly appreciated.