Everybody’s business

Photo By Tom Angel

Hot for wood
As my husband and I drove into Chico Sunday evening after a four-day vacation, we noticed the temperature clock at the Chico Collision Center read 114 degrees. That sounded about right.

We had recreated in Yosemite Park, which perhaps should be as revered for its great swimming holes as its majestic mountain scenery. OK, enough about me; this is a business column. For sale at the store in Yosemite Valley and present at many of the campsites in Wawona were boxes of almond wood packaged by Old Durham Wood right in our own back yard—or back orchard, anyway.

The company clears wood from orchards and packages it in .9-cubic-foot boxes that sell for $7 a pop in Yosemite. I thought it was pretty cool, but my companions didn’t share my enthusiasm. Although I used five rolls of film in four days, mostly on our 1-year-old niece, I didn’t think to get a shot of the cool Durham wood, which is why immediately following this item you will see a picture of a doggy.

Dog days
I got a call from Laurie Teague. I didn’t recognize her at first. “You interviewed me on Sept. 11,” she offered, helpfully. That did the trick. I remembered the likable author and her Pet Health Journal for pet “parents” (not owners) to record their animals’ veterinary history.

Now Teague is working on the “Bidwell Bark” at Bidwell Park’s One-Mile Recreation Area on Aug. 2, a day when local businesses (like the new “barkery” dog bakery) can let the community know they’re out there. Besides services offered and free talks by an animal behaviorist and others, there’s a 3-mile walk/jog for people and pets. (I’m pretty sure most of them will be dogs; my cat stays inside, off-leash.) There are a few rules, such as your dog can’t be in heat or touch another dog’s nose.

Various sponsors have donated items for a “goodie bag” for walk participants. Vendors can set up a booth for free, while half the funds raised from the walk registration fee will be shared among the Butte Humane Society, Chico Boxer Rescue and local K-9 units. For more information, go to www.petcpr.com.

Loose ends
When I got back to town after missing two days of work I had three messages, and two were from people at the office here. Hey, readers, where are all my news tips? I can’t go out in this heat. My car doesn’t have A/C. The news must come to me. (I’m being sarcastic, like Tom Gascoyne does in his column.)

I have been getting a couple of requests, though, on how to contact people mentioned in previous columns. Some want to get in touch with Steve Kenny, who has a business selling fictitious business name statements. He’s at 384-1184 or lonewolf@sunset.net. And for those nonprofits interested in being a “partner” with Comcast, which can help get promotional information on TV or perhaps offer financial donations or volunteer time, write out something about your organization and what type of support you need and send it to: chantel_hoad@cable.comcast.com.