Everybody’s business

Bead it, just bead it
String Bead is packing its beads into little plastic zipper bags and moving from Main Street to the Almond Orchard Shopping Center.

Robert Madera, who owns the shop with wife Kari, said the move came about out of a desire for a lower rent and easier access for customers who live nearer the Pillsbury Road center. And, while he didn’t think parking was an issue before, he’s now getting feedback from grateful customers who are looking forward to the big lot at the new place.

String Bead, which has been in business for 10 years, including three at the 218 Main St. location, is a place where people of all skill levels can assemble and create jewelry. They even host parties.

There’s no official word—only rumors—about what might be going in at 218 Main St.

Meanwhile, Rick Tofanelli of Nantucket has staked his claim on the old Rainforest shop on Main Street. “It’s going to be a huge selection of hand-knotted carpets,” he said, of the quality and appearance to invoke a gallery feel.

Ticket to ride
What does it take to get people to use alternative transportation? Rising gas prices, reports Jim Peplow, senior planner for the Butte County Association of Governments.

Ridership on the three fixed-route systems in the county has seen a 3 percent increase overall since the beginning of March, when pump prices peaked. Butte County Transit, which transports people between cities, saw the biggest increase, with 10 percent more riders.

You mean I flashed for nothing?
Ever since word got out that Girls Gone Wildwas filming at last Labor Day’s inner tubing tradition on the Sacramento River, Chico boob-lovers have been eagerly awaiting the release of the movie.

The only problem is, Girls Gone Wild was never there. It was a bunch of horny fakes hoping to capitalize on the popular video and DVD series (girls sign a release in exchange for a T-shirt).

“We hear about that stuff all the time,” said Bill Horn, spokesperson for Mantra Entertainment, which owns the $90 million Girls Gone Wild business. He said it’s especially common at Mardi Gras, when guys show up in New Orleans wearing Girls Gone Wild T-shirts and say they’re with the camera crew.

Girls Gone Wild legal reps were able to narrow their investigation of the porno posers down “to two shady individuals who had criminal records,” said Horn, and a cease-and-desist order was filed against a corporation in which they are involved. “We take these imposters very seriously,” Horn said.

Car mag digs us
Of all the bits of praise of Bidwell Park, Chico State, Sierra Nevada and other local picks noted in the AAA magazine Via’s May/June profile of Chico, I have a favorite: “A good resource is the free alternative paper Chico News & Review, www.newsreview.com.”