Every home should be a haven

The dictionary defines a haven as “a place of refuge or rest,” a “sanctuary.” Certainly that’s what we all want our homes to be, but turning a house or apartment into a home that is a thing of beauty, comfort and ease takes some creativity. This twice-yearly supplement to the Chico News & Review—another will appear in October—is designed to help and inspire you to turn your home into a beautiful, and beautifully functional, environment where you can relax and be yourself.

Inside Haven:

At home with…
Artists Idie Adams and Alan Carrier have turned a historic country villa into a living gallery, transforming their house to accommodate their remarkable collection of modern and folk art.

Designs of the times
Stumped about how to make your house beautiful? You may need the help of a pro. Meet three local interior designers who can show you the way to turn your home into a work of art.

Lawn order
Now’s the time to get that grass looking green and healthy. We tell you how.

Cool tools
Clever new devices that are fun and functional and can make your life easier.

Sweet dreams
Nothing makes for a better night’s sleep than a dust- and bacteria-free bedroom. Our expert shows the way.

Office politics
Now that most of us have computers, most of us have home offices, too. And most of those offices are a mess. We consult an expert to find out how to get organized.

Good ideas for improving the home and garden are everywhere. Here are four magazines we think are especially helpful, plus they’re fun to read.

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