Epic Movie

Rated 1.0

Epic Movie All that saves this entry from No Popcorn Box is the endearing presence of Jayma Mays as she assumes the resident dingbat role from Anna Faris (who has endured enough of these stupid things that The Suits have finally smiled upon her and awarded her an actual career). Hopefully Mays isn’t long for these things herself, because she was the only aspect of Epic Movie that kept it from being completely interminable. While in theory a Mad Magazine-inspired take on the current crop of blockbusters holds potential, all potential here is squandered by writers who have no grasp of what makes comedy funny. Instead, what ensues is a series of vignettes satisfied with only recreating iconic moments from last summer’s Flavors of the Month and failing to deliver a comedic take on the set-ups. From the increasingly pathetic Scary Movie franchise to the Date Movie debacle, this sad puppy stands as the worst of a bad lot.