Endorsements for council, school board …

In Chico, these are the races that matter

As important as the race for governor is, the contests for Chico City Council and the Chico Unified School District’s Board of Trustees are more important—at least to Chicoans. The reason is clear: These local agencies have more direct impact on our lives than the statewide offices do.

Here, then, are the CN&R’s recommendations in these two races:

Chico City Council:
Scott Gruendl, Mary Flynn, Mark Sorensen

Gruendl and Flynn, the two incumbents, are both leaders on the council but also independent thinkers. Because of their knowledge of the community and proven desire to do what’s best for everyone, they deserve re-election.

Among the other candidates, Sorensen stands out as someone who has sought to educate himself about local issues by serving on the Planning Commission. He will be a strong voice for the business community on the council.

Board of Trustees:
Andrea Lerner Thompson, Kathy Kaiser, Eileen Robinson

The school district is going through its worst crisis ever. State takeover looms. Steady, experienced hands are needed to keep this ship afloat.

Thompson and Kaiser, the two incumbents, are knowledgeable and experienced and good at articulating their positions. And Robinson, a retired school employee and longtime volunteer, is as experienced as any non-incumbent we’ve ever seen. She’ll make an excellent liaison between the board and the district’s employee associations.

The three men in the race, Sean Worthington, Erik Lyon and Dean Stefanides, are well-meaning and have some good ideas, but they lack the experience needed for this extremely complex job.