Electric Circus

Electric Circus EP

Recorded at Dale Price’s Electric Canyon Studios in Butte Creek Canyon, Electric Circus’ new EP is the first recording that this legendary Chico jam band has done in seven years. The line-up is quintessential Circus: Gary Dutra on guitar and vocals, Saul Henson on guitar, Chris Henderson on bass and Mike Waltz on drums, with Rob Lamonica guesting on keyboard. I first heard track one, a cover (the remaining six songs are originals) of Georgia singer-songwriter Larry Jon Wilson’s “Ohoopee River Bottomland,” while in the car and the tune turned out to be a great soundtrack for driving. The original “Dirty Diana” is a retro groover with, as you might guess, some suggestive lyrics (“How much fun can you have when you’re gettin’ it on?”) about … dancing. (What were they thinking it was about?) The country-fied “Cocaine Blues” is a reliable pleaser, made even more appealing by the addition of Lamonica’s happy, down-to-earth piano playing, and Dutra’s “Genesse” is made extra cool by Henderson’s funky, poppin’ bass. It’s a fun disc (available at Melody Records and The Music Connection), and a nice way to enjoy a band known mostly for its live performances. Look for a full-length album from these guys next spring.