Fiction 59 update
We received a whopping 734 entries for our short-story contest. CN&R editors are reading through them; we’ll publish the winners March 12.

Apparently, my gray moods can be contagious—transmittable through computer monitors and newsprint. The “rainy-day musing” in this space last week drew a series of pointed responses.

I figure every e-mailer represents at least a few other people who didn’t take the time to write. So, here are some of the replies I sent to elaborate on my stances. (I’m including the bones of contention but not the identities of the bone-pickers, since they didn’t write for the Letters section.)

Your source or your thought process is so off base on the disc golf issue. I really think that this kind of baseless speculation on the motivations and authority of [City] Council, commissioners and the public is careless. Where do you get these unfounded notions?

• Any decision by the Park Commission is subject to review (and overruling) by the City Council, so I don’t see how that is misstating the authority level.

• I mentioned what others are saying (and writing!) about commissioners but did not infer motivation.

• It’s not baseless speculation when there are e-mails and reliable sources involved.

• Based on the number of distraction issues that have carried elections, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that this debate is being played up for political gain. Even if you believe this is a proxy for a larger matter (which I don’t), there are many more important problems that need solving, and I think disproportionate amounts of time and energy have been (and are being) expended on disc golf.

The “Pork Barrel Bonanza” passed Congress and was signed by the president. I guess you want a one-party system and the conservatives to shut up and go away; then we can live in communal bliss. I’m sure glad the liberals did nothing to obstruct when the other side was in power. The doom and gloom is being preached more from the new president and his administration than anywhere else.

We can’t go down the road of rewarding failure and bad decisions, to put it on the backs of those who were responsible in their finances. Get out of your second-floor office in liberal nirvana sometime and sit behind my desk for a day.

You may not realize that, via community property, I am a small-businessowner, too. I don’t come to conclusions based only on this job; nor do I come to conclusions based only on my wife’s job. Self-interest is limiting.

We may well be heading into an abyss, but that end result would have been certain if nothing were done.

I didn’t think it was necessary to spell out that the Dems had a majority in Congress for both stimulus bills; the difference is the president who signed it. The bill that went through with terms Bush found acceptable was essentially a blank check that did what you decry: rewarding bad decisions (in some cases, criminally bad). I think the new package is better; not ideal, but better.

As for doom and gloom preached by the administration: That is reality, not “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” denial.

Evan, you are an editor, a journalist. …I don’t care about your beliefs.

Columns are opinion pieces. So are editorials. That’s why they are in the Opinion section. If you don’t care about my beliefs, then disregard my column—but it certainly is in my realm as an editor to advocate for positions.