Ear candy

Candy Apple, The Yule Logs and Bear Hunter

The holiday phenomenon that is The Yule Logs is here only for about one month out of the year, but when the Logs play, it’s all or nothing.

Coming off of an impressive packed-house performance at Duffy’s and two more the next night (one at the Christmas-tree lighting ceremony at the City Plaza, and another at Woodstock’s at a benefit for Josh Read), the Christmas quartet made its way to the punk-rock hub of Monstros Pizza Saturday night.

Sharing the bill with Bear Hunter and Candy Apple, The Yule Logs were in fine form—and a bit louder with the addition of Bear Hunter’s Maurice Spencer. Looking quite svelte, vocalist Marty Parker proved again that he is the consummate showman, as the superbly tight Yule Logs delivered sunny harmonies and jangly pop, including a new crowd-participation anthem “The Hanukkah Mambo.”

Equally tight were indie trio Bear Hunter and Candy Apple, the latter of which closed the show out with a raucous throwback to ‘60s rock and soul (they’re too good of musicians to be considered a “garage” band).

All three groups are talented enough to move beyond Chico. The Yule Logs could/should definitely get outta Dodge … they’re really that good. Best enjoy our best-kept secret while it’s here, before the band is putting out CDs and making appearances at the Hollywood Christmas Parade. As one audience member pointed out that night, “This is Christmas music for our generation.”