Long Road Out of Eden

Like every other lemming thirsting for another Eagles album I went to Wal-Mart, the only legal place to purchase Long Road Out of Eden other than the band’s Web site. The new double album is a Henley-Frey-Schmidt-Walsh tug-of-war that reflects the successes of past solo projects rather than those of the Eagles, and the result is a compromised compilation that suffers from multiple-personality disorder. This time around the band has been embraced by country music fans. But fear not. The tracks that have received the most current radio play—“How Long” and “No More Cloudy Days”—are solid, musically fun and hauntingly similar to past hits, while “Do Something” and “No More Walks in the Wood” (apparently Henley’s Walden Wood project) hit you between the ears with political and environmental messages. It’s a good album, but it might leave longtime fans painfully missing the ’70s and ’80s Eagles and returning to the classics like “Witchy Woman,” “Life in the Fast Lane” and “Hotel California.”