No more Moore: Paul Moore, (pictured) Chico State University’s vice president for university advancement and student affairs, won’t be sticking around to see a new president take office.

We dropped in on Moore, who has been at Chico State since 1988 and will officially retire next year after a sabbatical starting in mid-August.

Moore, 61, said he decided it was time to go based on “kind of an intuitive judgment about what I would like to be doing over the next few years.” He also believes his timing is in the best interest of the university, which is poised to enter a new presidential era with a new administrative team. “I’m not part of the next decade,” he said. Moore had been pulling double duty as the person in charge of fund-raising, a role that will now go to a yet-to-be-hired additional VP.

Moore and his wife, with both children grown and out of the house, will live in Chico and spend their time kayaking, hiking and traveling. (“I am a mad gardener,” revealed Moore, gamely responding to our request for free pruning advice.)

Developing funds: At the last Butte County Board of Supervisors’ meeting, Paradise Supervisor Kim Yamaguchi rightly disclosed in a discussion about developer Steve Schuster’s Sierra Moon housing project that Schuster had “participated in” Yamaguchi’s recent re-election fund-raiser.

When pressed for details about the participation, Yamaguchi initially said he couldn’t remember how much Schuster had contributed. With a little more prodding, he offered that Schuster had bought at least eight plates—an entire table’s worth—at the $100-a-plate event.

Yamaguchi was said to have raised in excess of $10,000 at the May 29 event, which was attended by local Republican Assemblymen Rick Keene and Doug LaMalfa, as well as most of the Paradise Town Council.

The next supes election doesn’t come around until March 2004, and while names have begun to surface for the two south county seats up for grabs, Yamaguchi, once a polarizing figure in Ridge politics, remains unopposed.

I want those Little Feat tickets now! A long line of impatient entertainment enthusiasts toiled down the ramp of Chico State University’s Box Office the morning of July 1.

“Make a Series Day” is a promotion created by University Public Events that offers patrons 10 percent off if they purchase tickets to six or more events on the Chico Performances calendar for the upcoming season. “It’s a perk for ordering early and in bulk,” said Box Office Assistant Manager Max Zachai.

Customers were given the option of waiting in line (and getting to hand-pick their seats), calling in (for a $4 fee and no seat choice) or ordering tickets by mail.

At some point during the morning, people standing in line realized they could just call on their cell phones and go around back to pick up the tickets, which pissed off some of the phoneless folks in line. Next time, we suggest they decide their strategy ahead of time or chill out.