Dishonest and worthless

Marci X

Starring Lisa Kudrow and Damon Wayans. Tinseltown. Rated R.
Rated 1.0 We have six and one-half more years to find out if this decade holds a movie more awful, dishonest and worthless than Richard Benjamin’s Marci X. But don’t hold your breath.

It’s a movie so bad that this viewer wondered what kind of blackmail material had forced Lisa Kudrow of TV’s Friends into this of all roles. Wondered seriously.

Here, Kudrow says the words for the script’s stereotyped New York City Jewish princess, daughter of a media mogul, who has to deal with a thuggish rapper played by Damon Wayans. His mishmash of previous In Living Color characters is bad enough to inspire the question, ‘Is this what an attempt at career suicide looks like?’

This movie isn’t atrocious because it pairs Kudrow and Wayans romantically, in a kind of let’s-see-the-good-in-everyone story. It’s atrocious because it does so with some of the worst dialogue, sloppiest scenes and most half-baked “satire” I’ve seen on celluloid yet. Five minutes after meeting, it has Kudrow out-rapping Wayans at his own Harlem concert.

It’s so offensive in its inept execution the viewer doesn’t even get to wonder at the offensiveness of the racial stereotypes it trades off. Theaters should burn the screens this plays on.