Delicious niches

Local entrepreneurs find the ‘mmmm’ in money

Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

It’s been 2,500 years since Confucius came to that conclusion, and the fun job remains as elusive as ever.

But a few happy local folks have caught lightning in a bottle … in the form of wine, olive oil and hot sauce. Others—nutters and chocolatiers—have wrapped it in a box.

Living in Butte County, agriculture is all around us. Food—and in particular fresh, local food—is close to our hearts here in the North State. The companies we chose to highlight in this year’s Business and Entrepreneur Issue have matched their owners’ love of the job with edible products enjoyed not only in our community, but also beyond.

Sample their stories. See how they’ve found niches in deliciousness. Who knows, maybe you’ll develop a taste for business …