Days of the New


A radical mix of rock and gospel, Days of the New has an original sound. From the red CD cover to the reverberating tones of its hits, passion is evident, especially in the lyrics.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing songs on the album is the closing song, “Dancing with the Wind.” Evidently this song took six months to produce, and with the 90-piece Louisville Symphony Orchestra, the song has originality.

Singer Travis Meeks brings an intriguing quality to anything he puts his mind to. With songs that express inner feelings, the red album is the kind of music you want to listen to just to hear the lyrics. In some ways, they make you feel better. The song “Hang on to This” talks about being lost, and making people understand who you truly are, and how sometimes you simply have to hang on.

With all of the emotion expressed through the album, I can only wonder what this group would perform like live. I liked this CD so much, and the diversity it represents, I can’t understand why "Parental Advisory" is on its cover. Truthfully, with inspirational words portrayed through classical, rock and gospel, I don’t see why any parent would want to keep this CD away from their children.