Days of Lore

An ode to William Things have been so busy in the office. You have to work hard in order to keep this well-oiled machine moving forward. All I do is work, work, work! Thank God for Red Bull. Because it’s been so hectic around here … working.

We are the champions The stars have aligned, the gods are smiling down upon me, everything’s coming up roses, firing on all cylinders, Lady Luck just gave me a wink, and now—for one entire Earth’s rotation around the sun—I have bragging rights. The St. Louis Cardinals are the World Champions. And since I always refer to the team as “we,” I guess that makes me a World Champion, too.

Sweet Lou The good fortune continued for me this week when I was handed a ticket to go see Lou Reed this Sunday at Laxson Auditorium. Turns out C. Owsley Rain had an extra, so he gave it to me. And it just so happens I’ve been playing the Velvet Underground’s third record nonstop for the past month or so. Again … it’s as if all the stars have aligned.

It’s a known fact that Lou Reed can be a difficult interview—I mean, he has referred to journalists as “vermin.” But our own Carey Wilson took a walk on the wild side and came out unscathed (see the interview on page 34). I guess it just all depends on what sort of questions you ask.

Chico news & venues Just when you think there aren’t any decent all-ages venues, something new pops up. You just hope it sticks around.

Monstros Pizza is in good hands with local designer Brent Hainsworth and Rachel Loveless from Gruk booking some good shows.

Now La Fin du Monde guitarist Adam Scarborough and his friend Eric Danielli have something cooking in the Humboldt Studios building.

Café Coda looks like it will be the new place for food and all-ages entertainment. And although I was disappointed that I missed La Fin du Monde’s version of The Doobies’ “Taking It to the Streets” at a private performance, I did get a tour of the new digs this week, and everything looks great. They’ve opened up the room and added a bar and some extra seating along the windows. It’s very cozy … of course the Brown Ale I was drinking might have had something to do with that. Café Coda will open its doors Nov. 27.

Got robots? Just when things seem to be going so swimmingly for me, I happen upon the news that The Abominable Iron Sloth has called it quits. Sloth leader Justin Godfrey posted the announcement on the band’s MySpace page:

“Thanks to everyone for your support of the band, but it is no more. Our latest round of members have [sic] gone home and I think I’ve had enough. I’ve been doing this for three years now and I’m tired of trying to beg people to tour Europe with me, so I’m going to focus on my other forms of art that don’t require commitment from other human beings. Any music I play in the future will most likely be with synthesizers and drum machines until I can figure out how to make robots.”

R.I.P., oh mighty sloth.