Rated 2.0

Welcome to the world of 2019, where the day-to-day has become the night-to-night after a vampire plague has turned most of humanity into vampires. The good news is that oil doesn’t seem all that important anymore. The bad news is that human blood is the new oil, with fresh supplies dwindling rapidly. But a dour, chain-smoking hematologist (Ethan Hawke) is on the game, looking for an alternative on behalf of a multinational blood chain. Thing is, he’s looking into a cure, and that’s not in the interest of the corporation’s bottom line. Action sequences ensue. This is all well and fine, but as such, Daybreakers falls into the inherent weakness of the vampire genre. Too much time spent with the monster morosely waxing existential. Not much joie de mort. Tinseltown. Rated R —