Dance, pickle, dance!

Nick Osti

Photo By Meredith J. Cooper

Nick Osti knew people enjoyed watching him dance “ever since dancing the Macarena as a young child at a family wedding.” He’s now a sophomore at Chico State, and that confidence and ability, he said, landed him a job where he can share those talents with downtown Chico. He takes pride in being Mr. Pickle’s dancing pickle. It’s worth the money he makes dancing, but the paycheck isn’t his motivation, he said. He just does it because he likes to dance.

How did you become the pickle?

I went in for one of their tasty sandwiches and saw a sign for a cashier and a dancing pickle. Right there I started dancing and told them, “I am your man. I’m a dancing fiend.”

Did you ever aspire to be a pickle?

I always thought it would be fun to be some sort of dancing character. Like, I always thought the guys who could spin the signs really well were partying by themselves. It looked like a good time.

How’s the view from the inside?

Most of the general public is nice. I feel like girls enjoy the pickle. Some people are rude by flipping me off or yelling obscenities. Aside from that fact, I’m always enthused to put the costume on and dance.

Are you allowed to listen to music while you’re the pickle?

Yes. I keep one ear free, though, so that if people want to talk to me I can be friendly.

What gets the pickle in the mood to dance?

Anything hyphe. And techno. Maybe the occasional slow song to rest.

Do you have any previous mascot experience?

Yes. I dressed up as Drippy the Blood Drop to get students to give blood at the BMU for the last two years.

What’s better, being Drippy or Mr. Pickle?

Mr. Pickle, because I do more dancing. And visually, it’s a lot easier to see out of that costume.

Are there other pickles?

There is another Mr. Pickle. She’s this girl I’ve never met. She remains anonymous to me, but I know there’s another Mr. Pickle out there when I’m not.