Daft Punk

Tron Legacy

Most soundtracks fall into one of two categories. “Inspired by” soundtracks feature whatever artist is hot at the time doing music that doesn’t relate to the film—witness anything off the Batman Forever soundtrack. The other class features collections of greatest hits jumbled together as in Forrest Gump or any Vietnam War movie using “What a Wonderful World.” As a sequel to an ’80s movie, Tron Legacy’s soundtrack could have been doomed to the BMG Music 12 CDs for 1 cent sale. Instead it shines as the exception to the rule. With Daft Punk solely at the helm, the soundtrack doesn’t just support the film, it strongly stands alone. The electronic dance music’s chirps and beeps seamlessly fit the imaginary inner workings of a computer and there’s a respect for the first film in short samples from the original theme. The ebb and flow of the music embodies the action of Lightbike battles, but it’s also perfect for late-night gaming marathons. The one downside is that the American release is missing a bonus disc with five tracks that’s available as an import only. Even in a genre marred by complete failures, this soundtrack outing deserves special (neon) praise for creating a unique score that thrives on and off the screen.