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The plural of best
One of the best things about the human condition in Culture Vulture’s not-even-close-to-humble opinion is that our opinion of what is “best” is in a constant state of flux. This protean quality of our concept of that which is best is an inexhaustible source of diversity and development. As soon as we assign something the “best” label we begin the quest for something to surpass it.

With this in mind Culture Vulture has decided to compose a list of the things that we currently consider best about life, the universe and Chico, not necessarily in that order.

Best time of year

Early autumn. Crops are harvested; layers are worn; studios are cool enough to practice in without sweating a river; fresh, crisp apples are for sale at the Saturday Farmers’ Market; the bike ride to work is a genuine pleasure.

Best meal options

Breakfast: smoothie made with frozen banana, chocolate rice milk, peanut butter and hemp protein powder. Runner up: Linguica omelet, potatoes with sour cream and chives, and champagne at Italian Cottage on Sunday morning.

Lunch: Whatever is on special at Hideaway Cafe. Bacon cheeseburger with curly fries at Madison Bear Garden. Barbecued ribs and salad bar at S&S Produce. Salad bar and bottle of Butte Creek Organic Porter at Grilla Bites. Fresh cream of broccoli soup homemade by the lovely I. Daphne St. Brie and garnished with a dollop of organic sour cream and a few cheese crackers.

Dinner: At home: fresh wild salmon grilled over mesquite and served with spinach salad with balsamic vinegar & olive oil dressing. Romantic night out: Calamari Originale and bottle of Pinot Grigio at Sicilian Café, preferably in the company of a food-loving date. Casual fun: Gen Kai, Raw Bar or Katsu’s seated at the sushi bar with some sake, a big bottle of Sapporo beer, a sense of adventure and a good friend or two.

Best night on the town

Under 21: MainEvent Wrestling Federation matches. Any show at Fulcrum Records. Dancing at Brick Works. Movies. DNA’s Music Revolution concerts in the park. Taking in a play at the Blue Room Theatre. Discussing how lame it is that entertainment choices are so limited if you’re not old enough to hit the bars.

Over 21: Any Devil Kat Productions show at Off Limits. The Black Lodge heavy metal DJ night at Mr. Lucky. Irish Happy Hour at Duffy’s on Friday evening. Any concert at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Big Room.

Best thing about insomnia

Sleep takes on the aspect of the beloved—fervently courted, passionately pursued and deeply appreciated.

Runner up: It provides plenty of time to think about those things which one might not be able to devote one’s complete attention to during normal waking hours.

Best thing about best of lists

Something to disagree with and feel superior about.