Crossword for newbies

Get cross-eyed with this Chico crossword


3. A good place to study.

5. Cheap stuff, guaranteed.

6. Punk/metal hotspot.

8. A place you should go every day, if you want good grades.

13. You should call them once in a while.

14. Something the WREC will help you avoid.

15. Where guys go Greek.

17. You may come to Chico with none, but you’ll leave with many.

19. Eat healthy for a ____ bill of health.


1. You might not have haven’t chosen one yet.

2. This page is the first of many in your college career.

4. Chico’s park.

7. Beer made right here.

9. The newest residence hall on campus.

10. Dessert shop is practically its own food group.

11. Where freshmen might be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.

12. Your best bet for a cheap burrito.

13. He/she’ll teach you a thing or two.

16. If you’re a freshman, you probably live in one.

18. They make getting through gen-ed more fun.

20. The Associated Students president, or a city in Europe.