Country Teasers

The Empire Strikes Back

Upon casual listening, one might assume London’s Country Teasers are pedophiles, misogynists, or neo-Nazis. Others have called them a country band. I have it on good authority that none of this is true. Yes, bandleader B.R. Wallers continues, on the Teasers’ eighth full-length release, to dabble in some of the most taboo lyrical matter imaginable. Yet references to “coons,” “queers” and “9/11 rape scenes” are more indicative of a bleak Burroughs-esque world view manifesting itself in iconoclastic social criticism than of a band seeking to rally goons worldwide for some sort of misanthropic Fourth Reich. Musically, the five-piece has added layers of broken analog synth gurgles and blunders to its ramshackle Fall-ophile deconstruction and produced an LP as unique as it is provocative, further confirming Wallers’ earlier-stated mantra: “You will not find music where it is shown, only where it is hidden, in the avant garden, where minds are at work and ears are real aerials, not flapping nets … ” Indeed.