Amy Hart’s new album came in the mail on the same day I got five other CDs for review, and hers was clearly the cream of that particular crop, a sassy set of blues, all 10 tracks written and sung by Ms. Hart in richly distinctive style. I knew I was in good hands from the opening track—“Congratulations”—which kicks off the album with some cagey lyrics and great guitar licks by Bob Britt, who puts in fills between the choruses like a master mason laying brick. Hart is not famous, and that’s just not fair. She used to gig around Lake Tahoe a decade or so ago, and she had a previous album that didn’t get much attention. To the best of my knowledge, she’s never played Chico but, with this new album, it’s entirely possible she’s going to get better known right quick, here, there and everywhere. For those of us who like the blues (with a little country flavor) there’s not much here that’s not to like. She’s got a sure bead on the blues sensibility, and when she sings about her hopes of finding a “Rich Ass Daddy,” she’s just pure-dee attitude. But she shows a sweet side on the closing track, “I’ve Got a Friend,” and for Congratulations she deserves the same.