Jon Gregory

Jon Gregory

Venture capital

It may sound like Jon Gregory, president and chief executive officer of the Golden State Capital Network, has been drafted to a ball team. But the Sacramento Angels are instead a group of investors and others who support new Northstate companies, and now Gregory is the first Chicoan to play. His appointment was announced July 2, and he will be among the members listening to presentations from companies that want support. Gregory stated in a press release, “I am truly honored to be appointed as a new member of the Sacramento Angels and look forward to extending the group’s presence and investment activities north to the Chico area.”


Chico State University said good-bye June 28 to Regional and Continuing Education Associate Dean Leslie Wright, who retired after 24 years on campus.

Chico State has a new dean for its College of Natural Sciences. James Houpis was snagged from Southern Illinois to replace Roger Lederer, who had been the dean since 1991. “I am delighted that Jim will join us. He’s a fine scholar and a gentleman, who looks forward to a long and distinguished career as dean of the College of Natural Sciences. I’m pleased to welcome him to the university,” stated Scott McNall, Chico State’s provost and vice president for academic affairs.

Jim Sands, the Chico Unified School District’s assistant superintendent, has been elevated to the position of deputy superintendent. The Board of Trustees affirmed the promotion at a recent meeting. The CUSD had left the deputy supe seat unfilled since the departure of Paul Carras in July 1999.


Chico cardiologist Dr. Marcia Moore was elected president of the American Heart Association Western States Affiliate. She has been chief of medicine at Enloe Medical Center in Chico for 2001 and has been on the Affiliate Board of Directors since 1993. She is a frequent speaker on cardiovascular subjects and widely known for her knowledge on women and heart disease.


Two Chico-based companies, MicroSolutions and CallAGuru, have joined together to provide better technical support to computer users throughout the North Valley. The former owner of MicroSolutions, Scott Lewis, is making a career change and felt that CallAGuru would be the best company to continue in the same quality and dedication.


Tina and Jan Bratcher have decided to make their business an independent hair salon after 10 years of being Fantastic Sam’s. Since July 1, the business has been called Trends for Hair; it still offers the same service, prices and staff.