CN&R guide to Election 2012

A look at the major local and statewide races and initiatives—plus our endorsements

Somebody commented recently that it seems as if Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are running for president of Ohio—such is the importance of that crucial swing state in a contest as close as theirs.

The reason we’re not inundated with presidential campaign ads is that California is a blue state, and Romney doesn’t stand a chance here. But that doesn’t mean this election isn’t important.

On a local level, the makeup of the Chico City Council is very much at stake. There’s also an important race for county supervisor, a battle for two seats on the Chico school board, as well as contests for Congress, the state Senate and the state Assembly.

There are several local measures for Chico voters, including two revenue measures that could have major impacts, Measures E and J.

Statewide, the most important elections involve the 11 initiatives, not candidates. Some of them could change the state profoundly.

We’ve highlighted the most significant races in this special issue, but we urge voters to go to for additional information, especially regarding the races we weren’t able to include. The League of Women Voters sponsors this website, and it’s an invaluable source of candidate ballot statements and position papers as well as local newspaper articles written about the candidates and the races. It’s your best single source of information.