Clerks II (Two-disc Edition)

I have a confession to make—I used to be a Kevin Smith fanboy. And still, as much as I’d like to believe dick jokes and endless pop-culture references are beneath me, there’s a part of me that giggles my ass off at the lewd and crude antics of Dante, Randall, Jay and Silent Bob. In any case, nobody can accuse Kevin Smith of ripping off his fans. In addition to a crisp audio-and-video transfer, this set is packed with extras: three commentaries, deleted scenes, bloopers, production diaries, a featurette and a 90-minute documentary—more than six hours of supplemental material in all. The film itself is largely free of the in-jokes that weighed down Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and moves at a brisk pace that will keep even the most addled attention spans interested. As much as I expected to hate this movie for being crass and exploitive, I just couldn’t. Perhaps, having spent too much of my 20s jockeying a register, it struck too close to home.