Chocolate idol

Easter Bunny

Photo By Tom Angel

One would think we would have learned our lesson with jolly ol’ St. Nick in December, that the lead characters in our commerce-produced holiday theater are not so inclined to open themselves up to the media. Just as Santa kept mostly to his hermitic self, our cotton-tailed candy supplier, the Easter Bunny, kept her (his? Maybe it was really Santa in a big bunny costume?) responses to our holiday questions simple and brief. Unlike Santa, the Easter Bunny isn’t at the Chico Mall to conduct any gift-idea research. The big white one’s presence at the Mall appears to be completely P.R. motivated, posing pink cheek to pink cheek with the little sugar seekers looking to get a good word in with their furry supplier.

The mall is Santa Claus’ turf. How do you compete with his legacy?

I’m cuter.

Easter is a Christian holiday—is the Easter Bunny affiliated with any particular church?


Where does the Easter Bunny live?

In a rabbit hole.

What would the Easter Bunny want to hunt for?


What are Peeps exactly?

Little marshmallow things.

Santa has his magic reindeers and sleigh. How do you get around?

I hop.

What’s up with hiding eggs?

They’re good to eat and have a shell, so they won’t get dirty. They’re better than rocks.

What are you going to do on Monday?