Chococo Chocolate Cookbook

Claire Burnet

No matter how healthfully one eats, sometimes a little chocolate is just what a body seems to need. Besides, chocolate—specifically dark chocolate—is good for you. Dark chocolate has been touted for lowering blood pressure and is a powerful antioxidant (though it should be eaten in moderation). That said, the Chococo Chocolate Cookbook—by Claire Burnet, co-owner of British artisan-chocolate-making company Chococo—is just what the proverbial doctor ordered when it comes to satisfying a jones for chocolate. Heck, I can feel those antioxidants at work in my body destroying free radicals just by looking at the cover photo of a scrumptious-looking “Wild Thing” dark-chocolate-fondant dessert filled with kirsch-marinated cherries. From dark-chocolate truffles, to fruit-filled dark-chocolate “salami” and rocky-road “sausage,” to the intriguing Blackstrap Harry Tart with Rum-Sozzled Raisins, Chococo is filled with recipes to satisfy the cravings of any lover of chocolate (including white). Those whose taste buds go for pepper-enhanced chocolate (mine certainly do) will be pleased to find recipes for such treats as Chili, Chocolate and Cocoa Nib Cookies, and Dark & Light Chocolate Chili Cake.