Chico SWAG bag

We’ve filled up this issue with everything you need to get started on your Chico adventure

free advice:
School is your job. Start the work week on Sunday evening by getting prepared, don’t skip classes, do the homework, and stay focused on school work through Friday afternoon (or Thursday evening, at least). Then the weekend will be totally free for fun and relaxing.

This is where the story begins. Not the story of this special new-student issue of the Chico News & Review; rather, your story. You’ll learn fairly quickly, after reading this paper and taking your first steps around Chico, that you’ve moved to a comfortable, fun and fairly peaceful place to start your college career. What won’t reveal itself right away is how your choice to come here will change you. And that’s part of the fun. You’re on a new adventure, and Chico State and this little city are where it will unfold.

Call this special issue a welcome gift—our version of a SWAG bag—filled with useful tips and info to get you acclimated. We’ve covered everything from student housing to Greek life, and from the anatomy of Chico’s varied music scene to how you can learn about the history of this little city. There are tips on off-the-wall electives, where to eat, where to see art, how to have fun without alcohol and where to find cheap deals to help you stretch your student budget.

Whether you stay in Chico after college or not, these initial four or five years of your adult life will change you in ways that you can’t predict.

Take senior history major London Long, whose Chico adventure started as a lonely freshman, and is ending with a term as incoming Associated Students president:

“Although I didn’t know it at the time, I was extremely fortunate when I came to Chico as a freshman because I didn’t know anyone. It helped me to branch out on my own and find my niche on the Chico State campus and explore the community with a fresh outlook. I think that it is important for all incoming Chico State students to find their own niche on campus or in the community through getting involved. Chico has such a wide variety of things to do and become involved in regardless of your passion. Chico has the Butte Humane Society if you love animals; Community Action Volunteers in Education if you want to volunteer around Chico; Greek Life centered on scholarship, leadership and friendship; and so many more organizations. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to start fresh and grow academically, personally and as a leader.”

As your first school year unfolds, remember to pick up the free Chico News & Review every Thursday to find out what Chico is up to. The CN&R is your most comprehensive community resource, committed to telling Chico’s story, and we welcome you and look forward to your unfolding stories as well.