Chico State gets active

Myriad groups draw students of all political bents

Green Campus Program’s Shannon York

Green Campus Program’s Shannon York

Photo By Bryce Benson

At Chico State, there is an abundance of organizations where politically and socially active students work for common cause.

Chico State Green Campus Program—This student-led effort pushes to make the university more energy-efficient and sustainable. (

Chico State Students for Life—Members work to save lives threatened by abortion, euthanasia and the destruction of human embryos for research. The group seeks to promote life on the local, state and national level and to educate others on life issues while working with others on common goals.

College Republicans—Political support group appeals to students with conservative and moderate views.

General Union of Palestinian Students—The organization works to expose the American people to the Palestinian culture and people while educating them about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

MEChA—Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán is an educational, political and social student-run organization that seeks to promote the attainment of higher education, political activism, and cultural awareness within the university and the campus community.

Pride/Safe Zone—This program is designed to promote interaction between gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and straight-allied college students while also serving as a political, social service and educational body on campus. (

Students Defending Democracies’ Chris Lasley

Photo By Bryce Benson

STAND—Students Taking Action Now: Darfur advocates for social justice in this genocide-stricken land.

STOP!—The Stop Trafficking of Persons organization, which just formed last year, works to shine a light on and end human trafficking.

Students Defending Democracies—This group works to promote the discussion of and education about global terrorism.

Student Democratic Club—This is the branch of the Democratic Party on campus.

Students for Barack Obama—Undoubtedly in line with Democratic Club members, this group promotes the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama.

Students for Diplomatic Solutions—This forum provides a place for students to discuss ways to solve international issues through diplomacy.

Democratic Club’s Aaron Skaggs with Jeff Morris

Courtesy Of Aaron Skaggs