Chico rallies for Mike G

Social media aids in return of pedi-cab driver’s truck, dog

On Wednesday (July 22), one of Chico's most well-known personalities, Mike “Mike G” Griffith of G-Ride Pedi-Cab, had his truck stolen—with his faithful dog, Lil G, inside. The story ends well, though, thanks in part to the local community, which rallied behind Griffith, splashing the news all over social media.

After his truck was stolen with Lil G inside, Griffith sent out a series of distraught social media posts, which were shared by hundreds of concerned local citizens. Less than an hour later, Lil G, who apparently escaped and ran to one of Griffith's places of employment, Heritage Inn Express on Broadway, was in the arms of Griffith's boss. The two were reunited shortly thereafter.

About 45 minutes after that, Griffith received a call from a Chico police officer who had found his truck, apparently the result of an Instagram post alerting residents to the truck being stolen. In a Facebook post, Griffith thanked the community for rising up. “Words can't express my gratitude! I will never forget this!”