Chico cops have crazy week

Whether it was full-moon madness or a case of “crazy from the heat,” Chico police had an inexplicably busy week, arresting more than 30 people over the weekend alone.

In addition to the “regular” weekend arrests for public intoxication and disturbing the peace, police were called out to investigate reports of gunfire, the carjacking of a limousine and an assortment of other crimes.

Lt. John Carillo said that warmer weather was often a factor in increased crime but added that almost half of this weekend’s arrests were alcohol-related.

Saturday’s shooting incident took place after 5 p.m. in the 1000 block of Columbus Avenue, when witnesses reported a man shooting indiscriminately into an apartment building. Police said the man may have been having a disagreement with someone at the building, but apparently no one was injured by the shooting.

When an officer from Chico State University tracked the suspect, Jesus Corrales, 26, to a liquor store and confronted him, the suspect then attempted to pulled a loaded handgun from his waistband. With help from a Chico police officer, the man was disarmed and searched, yielding a small amount of methamphetamine. Sanchez was booked into Butte County Jail on charges of possessing drugs and a loaded firearm.

Other arrests were made over the weekend for outstanding warrants, possession of burglary tools, domestic violence and assault/interfering with a police officer, among other things.

The limousine that was allegedly taken from in front of Joe’s Bar on Fifth Street last Tuesday night was a 29-foot, 10-passenger Lincoln. According to a police press release, three passengers were in the back when two men entered the driver’s compartment and took off in the limo. After driving around the block and threatening the passengers, the suspects tried to ditch the limo but were confronted by a crowd of bystanders. One suspect was detained by the crowd, while the other got away, only to turn himself in later that day, police said. The suspects were booked on charges of auto theft and making terrorist threats.

Scott Hopgood, the owner of Two Dogs Limo Service, which owns the vehicle, said he could not comment specifically about the incident, but he did say that cars of that type are extremely difficult to drive, making it very rare for a limo to be stolen.

"Let’s just say that things like that don’t happen," Hopgood said. "They were driving very recklessly. It was not a good moment."