Changing of the guard

Cindy Brochheuser and Jamie Withrow

Photo by Josh Cozine

Cindy Brochheuser always loved clothing and design. That’s why, even after years in the medical field, she decided to hang it all on the line and open Labelz Upscale Consignment Boutique. Since 2012, Brochheuser (pictured, at right) has been taking in high-end clothing and accessories from private sellers and offering it at her store on consignment. She made her first sale a week prior to opening the shop’s doors—while remodeling the space—and business has gone well ever since. But seven years later, Brochheuser is ready to retire. While planning to close up shop, one of her long-term established consignors, Jamie Withrow, decided she’d give the business a go. Withrow, a nine-year veteran in the online consignment game, has been selling through Labelz since 2014 and has been working with Brochheuser since mid-September to make the transition as seamless to customers as possible. Stop by the shop at 974 Mangrove Ave., or call 345-1615 for more info.

Tell me about the transition.

Brochheuser: Well, I have grandbabies now, which I didn’t have prior [to opening], and I love to travel, so those are big parts of it. And my sister retired like a year ago, and I’m a little jealous of her.

Withrow: I didn’t even know it was for sale—I came in to pick up a consignor check and the gal working here handed it over and said the store was closing. I said, “What!?” So then my [gears] started turning, and I approached Cindy, and it just kinda went from there.

How has business changed since you first opened it, Cindy?

Brochheuser: It took off running. I was in here painting cabinets and getting the store ready and there was barely anything hanging on the racks, but people would walk through the door, so I started selling before I even knew what I was doing or how to work my systems, and it’s always done well. It probably took about a month to get a full store. It’s super empty right now because I was looking to liquidate, but now talking with Jamie the last couple of days we’ve been taking stuff in again.

What are your plans for the future and for the store going forward?

Brochheuser: I’m going to Hawaii two weeks after I close my last day, and then Europe after that, but I don’t have it on the books yet.

Withrow: [Labelz] is just gonna stay the same, and all of our clients are very happy with it. It’s just changing ownership.

Brochheuser: And she’s already got it figured out. She’s been here a few days and she’s already got it.

Withrow: [Laughing] She’s gonna be getting calls from me in Hawaii, she just doesn’t know it yet.