Catch air elsewhere

We dig skateboarding. It’s a terrific sport that takes a lot of skill and practice to master, and it’s fostered a cool subculture with its own lingo and style. It deserves to be supported—which is why Chico has built a skateboard park, one that’s located just a few blocks from downtown.

Skateboarders need their own park because skateboarding is an overwhelming activity. It’s fast, noisy and frantic, and it dominates any space where it takes place. That’s the case in City Plaza, where folks seeking respite and repose often find themselves surrounded.

It’s also a rough sport. It beats up on concrete. The plaza is only a few months old, and it’s already showing serious signs of boarding damage. We agree with those who say skateboarding should be banned there—and wherever it’s having similar impacts.

Boarders find the skatepark too small; if the city makes the plaza off-limits, it needs to make sure to give them a better option.