Candidates start their engines

A rundown of the current cast of would-be politicos

The June primary election locally includes five races for Butte County judgeships and three for county supervisor seats. All five of the judges are running unopposed for their six-year terms.

District 4 county Supervisor Steve Lambert is running alone as well. In the race for District 1 supervisor, incumbent Bill Connelly faces retiree Virgle N. Gage and Vene Thompson, a longtime member of the Feather River Recreation and Park District. In the 5th District, incumbent Kim Yamaguchi is not running again, leaving that business to: Robin Huffman, an instructor at Butte College who ran four years ago, Paradise Town Councilman Joe Di Duca, off-road-vehicle enthusiast Doug Teeter, special-ed teacher Mike Greer, along with Larry Duncan of the Paradise Irrigation District and Christopher Clifford, a “parent.”

Meanwhile, after much consideration and despite having already pulled papers for the Chico City Council race, local activist Mark Herrera (pictured) has decided not to run this November. Herrera is a member of the Bidwell Park and Playground Commission and said he plans to remain active in the community.