CalFresh extended to farmers’ markets

Markets in Butte and Tehama counties accepting EBT cards

All farmers’ markets in Butte County are now accepting CalFresh benefits as payment, employing a simple token-based system to distribute funds to vendors. CalFresh—known as the California Food Stamp Program until 2008—has made strides to emphasize healthful, locally grown produce, extending benefits to farmers’ markets throughout California, according to a Butte County Public Health press release.

Though the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards were accepted at markets in previous years, this summer will be the first time each farmers’ market will have a point-of-scale (POS) device at marked stations, allowing CalFresh recipients to swipe their cards once in exchange for tokens. Additionally, EBT cards will be accepted at markets in Red Bluff for the first time, using the same system.

Less than half of eligible Californians are currently enrolled in CalFresh. Go to to see a full list of requirements.