Buy a convertible

…or at least test-drive one.

I I did, and who-ee! How the other half lives. Lives with the top down, no less.

I drove my trusty ‘91 Honda Civic down to Chico Volkwagen on Main Street and talked with friendly salesman Kirk Martin. He fixed me up with a Mellow Yellow Bug, complete with bud vase, height-adjustable seat and all the safety features.

My friend who owns a tiny convertible says other drivers don’t notice her, and she’s almost been plowed over more than once. But the convertible bug feels like a “real” car, just with its head sheared off. Suddenly, it wasn’t hot anymore. We were cruisin’ down Park Avenue. It was easy to drive and, I perceived, eye-catching. And, yes, you can run the A/C with the top down. The price marked was $28,800. Martin said the convertible Bugs (VW quit making the Cabriolet last year) are a hot item, as are convertibles in general. Last week alone the shop sold four.

This is the coolest car I’ve ever driven. Sorry, trusty Honda.