Butte ain’t kickin’ butts

American Lung Association gives region poor grades for anti-smoking measures

Local grades on tobacco policies released by the American Lung Association last week aren’t impressive.

According to the ALA’s State of Tobacco Control 2015 report, Oroville’s grade of C was the best for the region. Chico and Paradise received overall D grades and Biggs, Gridley and the unincorporated areas received F’s. Where Oroville seemed to shine was in the category of reducing tobacco sales—it got an A where the rest of the county got failing grades. Chico did best in offering smoke-free entryways and recreation areas, but still got only a C for overall smoke-free outdoor air. The rest of the county, again, got F’s.

Butte County wasn’t alone—statewide, efforts to curb tobacco use have stagnated, according to an ALA press release. “Once a proactive leader in tobacco control efforts, California now falls behind in protecting residents from tobacco,” it reads.