Best of Chico 2006

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Chico News & Review readers are, on the whole, an opinionated bunch. So it should come as no surprise that when we asked you to play the role of critic and pick the Best of Chico, you really took to the task.

Through the power of the Internet, we got thousands of votes across 84 categories. Some of the winners were clear-cut favorites. (Guess what—people like Bidwell Park!) Some won by just a sliver. (Look out, Morning Thunder—Sin of Cortez is right at your heels.)

Flip through the next dozen pages and see who your friends and neighbors deem supreme. Then check out some honorable mentions from CN&R’s editorial staff.

You’re bound to have your own opinion on who’s best—you are a CN&R reader, after all. Drop us a line if you have some alternate selections. Who knows, you may plant a seed for next year …

Readers’ Picks

Editors’ Picks