Book Lover’s Soy Candles

Frostbeard Studio

In California, particularly the Bay Area, the maker movement is flourishing. More and more, people are becoming skilled in a craft, creating artisan textiles, food, electronics and furniture that most people procure from big-box retailers. Tom and Rox—the Minnesota husband-and-wife duo behind Frostbeard Studio—are a reminder that the movement has expanded far beyond the western U.S. And one the company's most intriguing products is the “Booklovers” soy-candle series. The offerings in the series follow often-nerdy themes as varied as the handmade candles' scents. The Tardis-blue Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey recalls juniper and black currant tea, while the Hitchhiker's Guide-friendly Don't Panic (Fresh Towel) candle is a most massively useful thing, with its scents of fresh laundry and green tea. The sci-fi/fantasy references are fun, if a little niche-oriented (The Princess Bride, Game of Thrones—Cliffs of Insanity or Winterfell scents, anyone?), but who wouldn't love candles that smelled of Old Books, Oxford Library or a Trashy Romance Novel? The colorful candles come in glass jars and burn for approximately 70 hours, so the question is how many books can you read before the flame extinguishes?