Big bangs at Oroville Dam

Spillway work includes demolition via explosives

Repair of the Oroville Dam spillway hit higher decibel levels this week when crews started using explosives to clear the way for construction on the lower portion.

Kristyne Van Skike from the state Department of Water Resources told the CN&R that the blasts, which will last approximately five seconds, will take place over the next couple of weeks at around 6-6:30 p.m. While more intensive than previous demolition at the site, the sounds of these explosions are muffled, if audible at all, in Oroville, Van Skike said.

Warning sirens go off ahead of the blasting.

Unrelated to explosives, workers had a minor accident Tuesday (May 23) when the arm of an excavator smacked its bucket into the cab of another excavator, injuring that driver. The unidentified man was treated on-site and, due to the location, airlifted by helicopter to Enloe Medical Center. The hospital released him later Tuesday.