Beastie Boys

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Where do I begin? How about with the 30-minute movie-video for “Make Some Noise,” the first single off Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (watch it at It features the “Beasties”—played by Seth Rogen (as Mike D), Danny McBride (MCA) and Elijah Wood (Ad Rock)—causing general mayhem the day after the party in the iconic 1986 “Fight for Your Right” video. The release of Hot Sauce has raised the bar for interactivity with a hip-hop album. In addition to the film, there’s an official website streaming the entire album ( with a visual timeline of running fan comments at the top of the page while each song plays. The album itself references the futuristic sounds of 1998’s Hello Nasty and highlights classic Beastie Boys rhyming patterns as well as their punk-rock roots. “Too Many Rappers” features Nas along with the Beasties bemoaning a proliferation of “rappers” who fail to be true MCs—“Too many rappers to shake a stick at/ I oughta charge a tax for every weak rap.” The conspicuous “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” sets itself apart musically as the only reggae/ska-influenced track on the album and features Philly-born international sensation Santigold. Then the instrumental “Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament” lays down a fun and funky groove that nicely sums up the entire album.