Back to the books

Things to consider as another school year begins

There is no particular theme to this Back to School issue, other than what we hope are stories of interest for returning college students.

This is a bike town and we urge you to take advantage of that fact. As gasoline prices spike and vacant parking spots disappear, you’d be doing yourself and the rest of Chico a big favor by using a bicycle as your primary transportation. Just last week the college came dangerously close to passing a new bike-riding policy that would have discouraged the use of pedal-transportation on campus. To his credit, University President Paul Zingg had the wisdom to compromise on the new policy and limit its impact.

Also, please take heed of the story about rape statistics. This is a fun and friendly town but by no means immune from the darker elements that haunt our society on the whole. Keep your guard up and watch out for one another.

Finally, there is a new face running A.S. Presents, former A.S. Facilities Manager Dwight Frey. With a philosophy of deferring to his student staff for ideas on what the entertainment desires of Chico State students are, Frey is working to bring as wide a variety of music and other entertainment choices to town as possible. And, with superstar rockers Jimmy Eat World and Canadian pop duo Tegan and Sara already on the schedule, he’s off to a good start.

New semester, new face, new music
New A.S. Presents coordinator gears up for fall semester and beyond

Still to come…
Some of the highlights from the A.S. Presents Fall Schedule

Do the stats lie?
Campus rape statistics are low across the country, but are they accurate?

Chico Criminal Offense Statistics

Monster bikes
If you’re gonna ride a bike, ride a rad one