Back to school

Collegiate primer

Welcome back, students! In the case of freshmen, welcome to Chico! For those of us who’ve made this area our permanent home, it’s easy to tell when Chico State and Butte College are back in session. The campuses and their surrounding streets bustle after a sleepy summer. It’s an exciting time.

While you’ve been preparing to hit the books, the Chico News & Review has been preparing for your return. In doing so, we have put together a package of stories, introducing you to some people and information every student should know. For example, did you know that Chico State’s Athletics program is eighth in the nation for Division II colleges? It’s true. And the program has produced many professional athletes, including Dale Thayer of the San Diego Padres, who talks about his long road to the Major Leagues.

This special back-to-school issue also includes an update on the economic-driven changes taking place at the Associated Students’ bookstore, the Wildcat Store. There’s a write-up on the community services officers who work out of the University Police Department. And Butte College journalism instructor Tom Gascoyne, CN&R’s news editor, doles out advice that might just help boost your grade.

Good luck this semester!