Back on the ballot

Toby Schindelbeck takes on Idaho representative

Toby Schindelbeck, the short-time Chico resident and one-time City Council candidate, has moved on and up in his political aspirations, this time vying for a House seat in his new home of Idaho in that state’s May primary election.

On his website,, the right-wing bodybuilder’s platform includes repealing Idaho’s ACA health exchange. “I believe in personal property rights, the right to life, limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and our state sovereignty. I believe that our Second Amendment rights are non-negotiable,” he says on the site.

Schindelbeck (pictured) moved out of Chico last April after selling his two Nutrishop stores. He has since opened a Nutrishop shop in Coeur d’Alene.

In Chico, the outspoken Schindelbeck was criticized for his coarse responses to potential constituents, including publicly calling one of them an idiot. He ended up coming in seventh among nine candidates in the 2012 City Council race for four open seats.