As time goes by

April 3, 2006—a date which (for some) will live in infamy. That’s when I took roost at Second and Flume as editor of the Chico News & Review. It seems like I’ve been here longer; it also feels like I just got here yesterday. Ah, the vagaries of irony …

I’ve seen a lot happen in three years. Chico ’09 is quite a bit different from Chico ’06, and yet also quite a bit the same. (More irony for ya.) Here are some notable comings and goings, plus continuations of the status quo.

     Gone: 4-3 progressive majority
     Came: 6-1 progressive majority
     Remains: “… with Larry Wahl dissenting …”

     Gone: Councilwoman Kirk
     Came: Supervisor Kirk
     Remains: Supervisor Dolan

     Gone: Chet Francisco
     Came: Kelly Staley
     Remains: Ghost of Scott Brown

     Gone: Dan Neumeister and Betty Dean
     Came: Mike Wiltermood and Matt Jackson
     Remains: Dr. Roy Bishop and Argyll Medical

     Gone: Tower Records
     Came: Powell’s Sweet Shoppe
     Remains: Lyon Books

     Gone: Pulcinella’s
     Came: Petra
     Remains: Pluto’s

     Gone: Greg Jones and Paul McIntosh
     Came: Dave Burkland and Greg Iturria in their offices
     Remains: Burkland and Iturria in da house!

     Gone: Police Capt. John Rucker
     Came: Assistant City Manager John Rucker
     Remains: Capt./Acting Chief Mike Maloney

     Gone: “Disorderly events ordinance” debate
     Came: Libraries vs. fire stations debate
     Remains: Disc golf debate

     Gone: Joe Hilsee’s Blue Room troupe
     Came: Joe Hilsee’s Rogue troupe
     Remains: The Blue Room Theatre

     Gone: The original Blood of Cain
     Came: The new Blood of Cain
     Remains: The Makai (grrrr…)

     Gone: Mark Lore
     Came: Meredith Cooper, Melissa Daugherty and Christy Pryde
     Remains: Robert Speer, Jason Cassidy and Christine LaPado
     (plus Anthony, Juan-Carlos, Doc Ek …)

     Gone: Many petty potshots
     Came: More civil discourse
     Remains: Political partisanship