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Orange is the new black

NOTHING RHYMES WITH “DOOR HINGE” No color signifies fun in a work of art more than orange. And no Chico gallery offers as much fun as the Crux Artist Collective. So, put a show where all things are orange inside the gallery with the orange Web site (see it at and things are bound to get juicy (whatever that means).

To take part in Crux’s (everything) Orange show (Jan. 25-Feb. 11) drop off your orange art at the gallery (1421 Park Ave.) between noon and 6 p.m. Jan. 18-24. All mediums are welcome, including performance. A $5-$10 donation per entry will be appreciated.

And the Crux just continues to prove that they can’t help themselves when it comes to inventing unique events. New for spring: Anti-Romantics Club Party (Valentine’s Day), a Robot Dance Party (March 9) and Squirrels With Lasers (don’t fight—just go with it).

EVERYTHING RHYMES WITH HIERONYMUS Hieronymus Bosch is one of Arts DEVOté’s most favorite-ist artists (by the way, the dude was Dutch—do you know what the national color of the Netherlands is? Hint: It’s not burnt umber), and nothing has made him happier than his recent discovery of the work of Parastone Studios ( Based in the Netherlands, Perastone makes funky little sculptures of things like kittens and “fanciful frogs,” but where the company really kicks butt is with its Mouseion Collection, featuring little action figures based on famous works by the likes of Salvador Dali, Gutav Klimt and, best off all, the twisted characters from Bosch’s paintings.

Haven’t you always wished you had a 3-D replica of the devil gorging on souls atop a lifeguard stand (from The Garden of Earthly Delights)? A.D. has! But first he’s going to order the 4 1/2-inch statue of the bird with a screwed-up beak and funnel on its head (from The Temptation of St. Anthony): Only $34 from the online museum store, Taleria Enterprises (

SOME OF THE ORANGEST THINGS: McCloud Zicmuse: Le Ton Mité is his band, and orange is his life ( and

Orange, France: It’s the warmest city in the country and every year they put on a badass opera fest, Chorégies d’Orange. Get your tickets now for Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, July 7, 2007. Or, if that’s too much, check out its sister city, Orange, Calif., and visit … um … Republicans or something.

Rhymes With Orange: A fun comic strip by Hillary B. Price (

Nothing Rhymes With Orange: The hip, old-school, three-chicks/one-dude Chico band (not the hipster, four-modern-rock-dudes band from Florida).