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Woolies got next.

Woolies got next.

Sex Ready to spice up your love life a little? How about having sex with a Bearded Lady while a monkey watches? Porking a terrorist could get pretty exciting. A road trip to a Furry convention? Toot a few notes on the ol’ Rusty Trombone then finish up with a little eproctophilia? Or maybe you and your partner could cover you bodies completely in suits of hand-knitted wool and just get yer itch on.

OK, maybe none of those fine suggestions made their way into The Naughty Bucket List: 369 Sexy Dares to Do Before You Die, the just-published advice book by Chico State grad and former Orion sex columnist Kourtney Jason. (But don’t be discouraged. Just add them to the list yourself.)

After graduation, Jason moved out to New York City for few years and worked for Seventeen and TWIST magazines, and has since moved back to Sacramento to write for, an advice site for twentysomethings. Her sexy book is a fairly loose collection of 369 (naturally) bits of naughty advice. And while it doesn’t go as weird as it could in the Internet age (which is probably a good thing), it does offer some eyebrow-raising suggestions (having sex with a fireman, with a your ex’s friend, in a mall photo booth); some standard fun (perform a striptease, use a cock ring, have sex on the beach); and a few suggestions that are just confusing (Arbor Day sex, sex under a rainbow, sex in the White House, MLK Day sex).

Pliny the excellent.

Photo by Mike McCune

Beer As you read this, a bucket of heavily hopped home brew is fermenting in my pantry, and as I impatiently wait, I think about how many great-tasting brews I’ve enjoyed in Chico as of late—and some of them weren’t even brewed at the Mother Ship out on 20th Street. Thanks to the craft-beer revolution that Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. helped to launch, even li’l ol’ Chico is now packed with a great selection of some of the best beers in the world. In the past couple months I’ve enjoyed Russian River Brewing Co.’s funky but appealing Belgian Ale, Damnation (from my neighborhood store, Spike’s Bottle Shop); Dogfish Head’s astounding 90-Minute IPA as well their collaboration with Sierra Nevada, the burly big bottle of Life and Limb; some German pilsner that I can’t remember the name of; and from the Sierra Nevada gift shop, the brewery’s latest Beer Camp offering, the Hopsichord IPA.

When I’m in the respective neighborhoods, I enjoy browsing the expansive selections at Mangrove Bottle Shop and Ray’s Liquor, and even the carefully curated cold cases at S&S Produce. But usually, I stick with Spike’s near the DEVO compound, or Finnegan’s Jug a little farther up First Avenue, where last week I picked up probably my favorite beer right now, Russian River’s Pliny the Elder. The Santa Rosa brewery’s expensive but oh-so-clean-and-tasty double IPA has returned to local shelves recently, and I just heard that it is (as of press time) on tap at Burgers and Brew downtown. Might just cut out a little early today.

DEVOtions Note to the Butcher Shop theater fest: As much as Arts DEVO would like to get his old-school Chico friends/arts fix on this weekend, there is the little matter of Mr. & Mrs. DEVO rocking out like teenagers at the Archers of Loaf reunion show in S.F. this weekend.


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