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Dumping on Trump and other weekly DEVOtions

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Dumps for Trump It’s election season; time to get shit-faced! As in, time to get shit and put it in Donald Trump’s face.

“Donald Trump certainly doesn’t deserve my vote, but he is, however, worthy of receiving my dog’s piping hot turds.” This playful marketing slogan comes from Angela Lombardi, owner of south Chico watering hole the Maltese Bar & Tap Room and creator of the Dumps for Trump dog-waste bags, which she is now selling on her Etsy page ( For $12.95 you get 60 pink bags with the perpetually angry-faced Republican presidential candidate’s mug printed on the side, a white dispenser with a “Dumps for Trump” logo and a built-in setup for effortless, gratifying puns every time you clean up after your pup.

And in a move that’ll surely add steam to the pile of Trump, Lombardi will donate 10 percent of proceeds from the sale of Dumps for Trump to the eventual Democratic presidential nominee, with the rest of the money going to fund fertility treatments for her and her same-sex partner so she can put her eggs on ice in hopes of one day creating a “glorious gayby.” Yeah! Arts DEVO wholeheartedly endorses all facets of this campaign, and I will soon be filling Trump’s head with tiny poodle turds.

I would love to see Lombardi pitch this on Shark Tank. You know Mark Cuban would bankroll such a sure-fire moneymaker. In fact, given its potential as a cash cow, Trump himself might’ve even spared her from the chopping block had she made this project for The Apprentice … although Lombardi likely would’ve needed a bigger version of her bag in which to throw up.


• Lullaby Lounge: Seattle singer/songwriter Ings plays a dreamy brand of pop music that she perfectly describes as “lullaby rock,” and she’ll be visiting the Naked Lounge Saturday, April 2, the day after the release of her new EP, Afterthought. Michael Bone and Seth Prinz open.

• Trans Week starts today, March 31, with International Transgender Day of Visibility, and continues through April 4 with workshops and events—including a “trans* and gender nonconforming art show” at Habitat Lab, April 2, 5-11 p.m. Visit for info.

• Bach Fest: For the 2016 edition of Chico State’s annual celebration of the German composer and his baroque contemporaries, the School of the Arts is presenting five musical performances over three days, April 1-3, and all but one have free admission! Visit for the full schedule.

• Comics and cosplay: Oro-Con 2016 is happening this Saturday, April 2, at Feather Falls Casino. It’s Oroville’s own comic convention, complete with vendor booths, visiting artists (including Terry Shoemaker—X-Men, Legion of Super-Heroes), costume contest and a 21-plus after party in the casino’s brewery.