Arts DEVO wants us to spend summer together

6 Million Dollar Christina

6 Million Dollar Christina

The CN&R’s now-annual summer challenge appears in this issue, and while it is a good thing, the whole proposition is missing any reference to Arts DEVO. What tha!? So, I’ve fixed it. I have invented Arts DEVO’s Rockin’ Bonus Summer Challenge Dance Party as an addendum to the “official” challenge, complete with my own extra spectacular prizes. Do this stuff by Sept. 3 … or whenever:

Find me the jam of the summer: I’ll accept any new song (except songs with “Shorty” in the lyrics, or songs where the auto-tuner is used to make a robot voice). While I’m not blown away by early leaks, I still have high hopes for something off both Christina Aguilera and M.I.A.’s new discs (out June 4 and July 13, respectively), and Arcade Fire’s impending late-summer release is the stone-cold lock of the season. … So, turn me on to something else. Your prize: If it makes my Summer 2010 Jam Mix CD, I’ll burn you a copy.

Make an offering to St. Judas: You really have to do this. I will not be in town, so you have to go fill in for me at the 1078 Gallery on Friday, June 11, when Mark Growden and his banjo and his accordion visit and melt away the work week with tunes from his amazing album St. Judas. (Hear some at: Your prize: You’re welcome.

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1,000 stuffed monsters: This is way less of a challenge for any one of you than it is for Muir Hughes. Visit her site at to see what she’s up to and offer her some words of encouragement (and go to the unveiling July 2 at RAYRAY Gallery). Your prize: Leave a nice comment on her blog and you’ll immediately receive 10 Chico-scene cred points redeemable for one Chico-style “Hey dude, ’sup?” with a nod of recognition next time Arts DEVO sees you smoking in front of the Naked Lounge.

Beer me: Invite me out for a beer. Your prize: Arts DEVO buys the first round. For real.

“Like” a local video: It’s a little crazy to go to YouTube to see a local band when you could probably go downtown and hear a dozen or so tonight. But local videographer Bill DeBlonk (he of This Is the Sound, a Mother Hips documentary) has a great collection of current and past gems (the latest being a smartly edited Candy Apple performance during this year’s CAMMIES) that you can turn to when things heat up and you’re stuck in front of the swamp cooler. Click on “like” for any of DeBlonk’s ChicoBands selections ( or for any other local music caught on video, such as Count Funkula’s Ghostbusters/Ninja Turtle theme mash-up ( performed live in front of the El Paisa taco wagon. Your prize: Arts DEVO will e-mail you instructions on how to install new swamp-cooler pads.


Into the woodshed: This is the summer Arts DEVO returns to the Fender Mustang and his distortion pedals. You don’t have to actually do anything here to win. Your prize: Brain-melting feedback.

Hold steady: As in, The Hold Steady is coming to Chico! JMax is bringing the smart-guy riff-makers to the Senator Theatre Aug. 23. Tix are only $18 and are available at Your prize: “We drink/ We dry up/ Then we crumble to dust.” It’s not as bad as it sounds.