Best arts images in CN&R in 2013

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First this … All right, this was supposed to be my traditional end-of-the-year Happy Holy-days! column, wherein I quickly say, “Hey,” and then stop talking and jump right into showing my favorite CN&R arts/music photos from the previous year. But then Aye Jay Morano, local artist, rapper and friend to many hip artists, comedians and rappers, had to go and text me that this is happening: Kool A.D., as in Kool A.D. from Das Racist—arguably the best rap crew in the world before they busted up last year—is coming to Chico! To perform at Duffy’s Tavern!! The day after Christmas!!! Next week!!!! The occasion is Aye Jay’s annual Chico Legends showcase, and this year he’s made an exception and let the out-of-town MC (for whom he recently designed a T-shirt) join the locals—Aye Jay’s crew the Dr. Becky Sagers, PhD, plus Fay Dog and DJ Ted Shred—for the night. Not to be missed!

Now, on to my fave arts photos, almost all of which this year are by the wonderful Melanie MacTavish—except fire-breathing Claude, which is by dragonslayer Ken Smith: